Dance Classes

Please see the descriptions of our programs that offer classes for your specific needs, whether you are seeking a once a week class or you wish to get set on the path to a professional career.

Please browse through the programs below to get more information about our school offerings.

Classical & Contemporary Ballet Classes

Offering Los Angeles and the Flintridge communities a quality progressive ballet training program

Core training for every dancer, no matter the students age or any other style of dance one wishes to persue, begins with the fundamentals provided by Classical Ballet. This is why we encourage all our students to attend a base program of this traditional art form. We offer ten levels of classical ballet.

Once a dancer achieves a competent level of ballet training, Contemporary Ballet may provide an essential element of physical freedom and expression. Using a fundemental base of classical ballet, the contemporary ballet dancer is permited a greater range of movement and body lines.

Please take the time to find out about our progressive Classical Ballet Program and our
unique Contemporary Ballet class.

Live, Breathe…Dance! Student Elective Classes

Dancers from Los Angeles and the Flintridge communities enjoy the many offerings at
California DanceArts. Students may elect to attend any number of classes such as Aerial ballet, Hip hop, Tap, Jazz dance, Boys Only or Teen classes and more.

Please take a moment to browse our offerings. These classes may be taken separately or added to a Ballet program within our Child Division, Student Divison or Career Prep Division. These classes run 1 hour long.

Acro Dance
A combination of Acrobatics and dance.
Aerial Ballet
Working 10-20 feet in the air, you will be "aerial" on your very first lesson
Boys Only
A program just for boys (no girls allowed!)
Dance Essentials TM
Developed to improve performance skills basic to ANY dance style
Focus in on the popular style
Jazz Dance
Based on a modern dance lyrical jazz style
Tap Class
Children love to hear the sounds and complex rhythms created with their feet
Teen Class
Teenage beginners dance with a group similar in age

Snowflake Ballerina’s – Child Division Classes

California DanceArts offers specialty classes for young children age 3-6 years of age.
Each class runs 30 to 45 mins. Our shorter class length keeps children interested and excited to return for their next class. Our exclusively limited small class sizes, of only 6 children per class,ensure that students do not miss fundamental concepts. Students receive more personalized attention, learn more effectively, eagerly engage in class and have more fun.

In addition to offering our younger children many class choices listed within our Student Elective classes, below is a list of California DanceArts specialty classes for young children. Please click to view a description of each class. You may even enroll in a class today!

Dare to Dance! – Career Prep Classes

The California DanceArts Career Preparatory Division is designed to fulfill the artistic needs of more experienced dancers who desire opportunities to perform at the highest caliber. Not every dance student processes the desire to become a professional dancer; however, training of a professional caliber ultimately benefits any student. At California DanceArts we believe that professional quality and professionalism should be the product of any school or academy teaching learned skills. For more serious young students who dream of potential careers or for experienced professional dancers currently persuing careers, and who wish to train in this capacity, we created the Career Prep Training Division.

Adult Division Classes

Offering a wide variety of classes for adult dancers, featuring some of L.A.’s most beloved and renowned teachers of Ballet, Modern Jazz, Pilates and more. Offering Beginning through Advanced and Open Level classes allowing experienced dancers the challenge they seek and opportunities for beginning adults to get hooked on the dance habit!

Summer Programs

For an unforgettable summer dance experience, choose to participate in classes, workshops or Intensive programs being offered during Summer 2014

Learn more by viewing the list of summer program descriptions below and clicking the links to get more information.

Photo: CCBallet Dancer Alyssa Thompson

Los Angeles International Ballet Intensive
Intensive study for Int. & Adv. dancers passionate about dance.
Youth Ballet Intensive
NEW! For young intermediate students who are passionate about dancing…
Dancers Delight Day Camp
Exciting and enjoyable for students of all ages! Two 2 week sessions.
Fairy Tale Ballet
Exclusive twice a week program for younger children
Saturday Spotlight Master Classes
Each Saturday, study with a new renown guest teacher!
Basic Summer Class Program
Students may enjoy a variety of classes…